GiftHulk Proof – December 2012

I’m following up with another post after this and I wanted to have the most recent GiftHulk payment proof online for it, so here you go:

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GiftHulk emails you to let you know it’s ready for use, and then they post the code on your profile. It’s convenient!

I cropped out the code to keep it simple. It’s used and gone anyway. (MIIIIIINE)

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GiftHulk - Rewards The EZ Way


On another note, if you’re already a member of GiftHulk and you’ve played the treasure chest, you may have seen the Fountain of Youth codes they give out occasionally for X number of people to use. I’ve got several that I haven’t shared yet and only I have used them for one out of however many uses. If you want some extra points (free and legitimate, they encourage sharing on Facebook/Twitter right on the page!) then drop a comment and let me know.

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