I’ll Review Your GPT Site or Mobile App

Do you own/admin/run a new or even an existing GPT or survey site or a similar mobile app to earn money with, like the others featured here? I’d like to review the site for you.

Leave a comment with your information or you can email me at reviews[at]freeskrilla.com (replace [at] with @) with details so that we can discuss it further.

I look forward to trying out your site or app!

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Cleaning Up Around Here

It’s April 3, 2015… and I just cleaned up the site. Well, a lot of it anyway.

I started this site as freestuff.ngwoosh.com (it just redirects here now) back in 2009 in an effort to stop posting these sorts of “Get Paid” posts to my main blog on ngwoosh.com (no longer an active blog). Due to this I had well over 5 years of posts to go through and clear up / archive posts that are no longer relevant.

It took a couple of hours over-all, but I’m glad I did it.

I’ve also edited a couple of posts to remove sites that are no longer active, and make them more relevant. For example: How to make money online had a few links to sites which had been abandoned or died off.

In some ways it’s sad to see these sites gone. In other ways it was very interesting to see what’s still around, and what isn’t.

I also registered mycashcraze.com, which was a domain for an old GPT site that died when the owner abandoned both it and crowngpt.com (which is just a spam site now, sadly) in 2011/2012. It just redirects here as well, since I have no intentions of running a GPT site myself.

Instant Cash Sweepstakes (ICS) still pays

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