Get paid to shop

There are plenty of ways to shop online and get cash back for it. For example, eBates or SwagBucks both have great shopping programs and reward you for shopping at regular online stores like Amazon, Best Buy, etc.

What about local places like Target or Wal-Mart? Leaving the house, getting groceries… That’s where Ibotta comes in! You can pick out your shopping list before you go, or just look through and find your purchases when you get home. I do it the second way, but you’ll earn more money the first way.

You just scan the barcodes with your mobile phone’s camera through their app (Apple iOS and/or Android) and scan the receipt. It’s really that simple. Here’s a screenshot of my earnings since I got started:


As you can see you can cash out several ways: PayPal, Amazon, Starbucks, and more.

Check out Ibotta & get cash back! Click here to sign up and install using my referral code & you’ll get an extra $5: bgalglv

Tapporo – PayPal Proof

Yay for Tapporo – I’ve been paid twice now, once with an Amazon card, and now with PayPal.

I redeemed $5 yesterday and received my PayPal payment within 24 hours.

With Tapporo you can earn money using your Android (and coming soon: Apple) phone or tablet. Watch videos, complete tasks like trying new apps and games, or filling out surveys, as well as many other tasks. It’s a fantastic app and with GiftHulk behind it, it’s trustworthy.

Here is a link to the official Tapporo website for more information.

If you decide to sign up and try it, make sure you use the invite code TAPJB1597 and we’ll both get a bonus.


HitPredictor Proof for August 2010

I’ll start out by saying that I’m so not keeping or opening this CD ._.

However, the point here is that follows through with their claims. They are legitimate. You listen to new music, answer music polls, and you’ll get points. Turn around and spend those points on prizes such as Amazon cards and music, or raffles if you’re feeling lucky.

Wanna listen to and rate new music, and get some cool stuff for it? Join up!

HitPredictor – Payment Proof

What’s with this payment proof stuff? You mean these sites actually pay?

They sure do. This site is HitPredictor.

Here’s what they have to say (quoted from their site):

* Be First In The World to hear the hottest new songs from your favorite and up & coming artists
* Make A Difference, Rate Songs & Artists, Make The Hits
* Win cool prizes through contests, raffles, and the HitPredictor prizestore
* Give Your Opinions about Today’s Hottest Topics(Polls)
* Submit your favorite unsigned artist. Get them a deal, and help them Get Famous

So I rated songs and artists, listened to some great new music and found some new bands to like, and then got this great CD. How cool is that?

Click here for proof! | Click here to join!

Do You Love Music?

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Do you love music? I do! What would you do if I told you that you could get free CDs, DVDs, and more just for listening to and rating new music? Free stuff for giving your opinion on something you love!

I know what I did when I was told that: I joined up right away!

So why don’t you head on over to HitPredictor and start earning points for great new stuff by doing what everybody loves to do? Listen to music! Go! NOW!

I have a CD on the way to me and I’ll be posting payment proof as soon as it arrives. Be sure to check back for that!