Swagbucks – Still Paying in April 2015!

Here’s a screenshot from my inbox showing that Swagbucks is still paying out as of April 2015!


With Swagbucks you can search and win, watch videos, shop, complete offers, and more. They even offer a mobile app now.

Click here to check it out for yourself! I chose Amazon as my reward but there are a lot of other options available too.

ZoomBucks – Proof of Payment

Edit August 5, 2016: Zoombucks has been replaced by Grabpoints. Check out my post about it here!

I like posting payment proof and showing when a site is legitimate. I also like getting paid.

I posted about ZoomBucks a while back but never got around to posting proof.

They introduced a $3 Amazon card to the store, so I snagged one yesterday.


(Click image for full size)

ZoomBucks is a Search & Win as well as a GPT site with offers, surveys, videos to watch and earn, “Pick a Number” Contests and more. Exchange your ZBucks (points) for prizes (gift cards) like Amazon, PayPal, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Starbucks, and many others.

Click here to sign up and try it out!



ZoomBucks – 50 ZBucks for me

Edit August 5, 2016: Zoombucks has been replaced by Grabpoints. Check out my post about it here!

I won a Pick a Number contest on the ZoomBucks facebook. umad internet?

I cut out the bit in the screenshot above including my promo code. That was for my eyes only, but nice try.

So, yeah, so far so good with these guys. Click here to sign up and check out all of the ways to get points and get paid.

Major SwagBucks Update

Hey, are you a SwagBucks member? If not, you should be!

SwagBucks just made some great changes to the site. Go read their blog post about the changes!

The changes are great, and it sounds like there are more changes to come.

Don’t know what SwagBucks is?

SwagBucks is a search engine that gives you search results from Google and Ask.com, where you can win “swagbucks” in your searches to trade in for gift cards, music, movies, books, games, and so much more! Why search Google for nothing when you can search on SwagBucks and win? Get paid for what you already do online! Check it out here.

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