Last of May – Site Recommendation

Well we’re in the last two days of May. Time flies! With that, I’d like to make a site recommendation: CashPirate.

I’ve posted about CashPirate several times recently, but that’s because they’re great (and obviously this blog is new and every post is recent)! It’s worth joining CashPirate. I’ve cashed out two times, both of which times I was paid instantly (yes, literally as soon as I clicked the button). Some sites make you wait a week, others a month, and would you believe that some sites make you wait longer than a month?!

Several of my friends have joined, and the ones that follow the tips CashPirate has placed on the forum are succeeding in earning some great cash. Won’t you join them? It’s a tough time out there right now money-wise… our economy is, let’s face it: crap. So why would you let this slip past you without at least trying?

CashPirate us for the US, UK, and Canada, for ages 13+ (with parental permission if under 18). CashPirate pays out in cash via PayPal, gift cards for Amazon and eBay. Paying out gift cards for eBay is a new addition! PayPal is instantly paid, and both Amazon and eBay are paid out daily.

You won’t make a million dollars a week. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. This is a legitimate site where you can complete offers (trials, surveys, sign ups, and more) and get paid a fair amount to do so. Check it out, read the terms, follow the rules.

| This is the Payment Proof | This is the sign up link |

Points4Rewards – Scam or Legit?

Points4Rewards is a GPT site where you can complete surveys, trials, offers, etc. to get points (100 points = $1). Exchange your points for Amazon gift cards (minimum card amount = $10) and get your gift card within 7 – 10 days of ordering it. The admin even pays out early sometimes, which is great! To this day he has never paid late.

I was one of the first members of this site and it’s been great. Active admin, great forum with great posts, plenty of opportunity to snag some Amazon cards. What’s so great about Amazon cards? Many items are free shipping at $25+ and what can’t you get on Amazon? Within the law, at least. =P

Did you know you can stack Amazon gift cards? Add as many gift cards as you need to your order! Or combine a gift card with a credit card for a great deal.

Points4Rewards pays! Click here for proof!

Scam or Legit? Legit. For sure!

Is Points4Rewards a Scam?

Points4Rewards is a GPT site for people in the USA ages 18 and up.

Earn points doing offers, surveys, trials, signing up for newsletters, etc. and trade those points (1 point = $1) in for Amazon gift cards ($10 minimum). You’ll receive your gift card(s) 7 – 10 days after redeeming.


Is Points4Rewards a scam? No. Want proof? I wouldn’t make a post like this without it: click here for proof.


Points4Rewards – Click here to join!


Ok, so that’s a lame title. Anyway, the blog is coming soon. I decided to work on bringing in a theme I like before I bring all of the content in.

There will be plenty of great information located here, and I’m happy not to be restricted by anymore.

If you’ve somehow come across this blog (N.G. Woosh on Free Stuff) here at the new location then I apologize, but it’s 2:30 AM and I’m tired. It’s been a rough evening, and I’m only barely skimming the surface on having this blog ready. I’m finally at a point where I can say I’m satisfied with how the blog looks (as a start), and it will be much better as soon as possible.

Check back soon!