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PrizeRebel – New Design 2011 – Part 2

Following up on my post from the other day, I received this newsletter from PrizeRebel today:

“Hi Everyone,

You may have noticed quite a bit of changes recently, and hope you are as excited about them as all of us here at!

But just in case you haven’t, or have been living under a rock (!), just to name a few of these changes:

– A new design to provide you with a better user experience.

Facebook Connect – Now you and your referrals can login and signup through facebook login and you can share your PR activities with your friends.

– You will now earn 2nd tier referral points.

Cash option for referral earnings and contest winnings. You can cash out via paypal when you have earned $10 Cash Balance

– We now offer a Amazon Prizes catalog straight from Amazon! That means tens of 1000’s of items to choose from.

    To see a full list of all of the awesome changes visit the following thread:,18695.0.html


    July’s Monthly Jackpot has already started with a bang! And we already have 3 raffles up and running! HINT: the more offers you get credited for the more raffles tickets you get to enter into the raffles and jackpot, which mean more chances to win!

    And of course! July Offers and Referral contests have begun! So start completing those offers and gaining those referrals!

    And if that wasn’t enough, we will continue to improve and add new features! So stay tuned and ENJOY!!

    Your Friends at


    Time for you to head over and check it out!

    PrizeRebel – New Design 2011

    PrizeRebel looks better than ever.

    Per PrizeRebel‘s news post:

    “As you may have noticed, we have launched the new and improved version of PR! Please excuse any errors you may be encountering as we continue to fix them. We will be continuing to add more features and improve your experience!”

    It looks like they’re working out a few kinks with it, and they have some new stuff starting up. It looks great, and it’s partially based off of their last redesign.

    Check out the site, especially if you’re not a member. FREE STUFF.

    7/2/2011 UPDATE: SEE PART TWO

    Looking for a FREE iPhone?

    You read the title right! If you’re looking for a FREE iPhone I’ll tell you how to get your hands on one! Would you prefer to get something else, like the iPod Touch? Nano, Classic, Shuffle, or something completely different? You can get your hands on all of that, too!

    With CashPirate, you can easily get a hold of the cash you need to purchase what you want, fast. They pay out in instant PayPal, and daily Amazon/eBay gift certificates. How great is that? With those three sources, you can get just about anything you want.

    If you’re not into PayPal, then be sure to take a look around Amazon and eBay! Great deals, tons and tons of items for sale, and you can get any of it for free with CashPirate!

    Join CashPirate and complete offers, trials, etc. and for most of the offers you don’t even need a credit card! How great is that? But if you’d like to add more to your earnings, definitely check out some of the credit card offers.

    The earnings don’t stop there! You can pull in some more great free cash by following CashPirate on twitter, where they give out promotional codes for various amounts! Pop in the promotional code and free cash is instantly added to your account!

    So what are you waiting for? Are you looking for proof?

    Points4Rewards Update

    New update on Points4Rewards! You can now earn PayPal as well as Amazon cards. What’s that smell? It’s the smell of CASH. Fill your wallet today!

    Minimum payout has also been lowered to $5 for both PayPal and Amazon.

    PrizeRebel Summer Prize Giveaway

    Be sure to read this post: Is PrzieRebel a Scam?

    PrizeRebel – Click here to join!

    Not only can you get a ton of great free stuff from PrizeRebel, but you can get free prepaid codes for your favorite games and consoles from June 15th – August 13th. How great is that? Read the details below!

    The below is posted here on PrizeRebel’s site. I have only copied/quoted it here to share it with you. Why am I sharing? PrizeRebel said in their news update to share it, and apparently I am a sheep. =P


    Quoted from their news:

    "6-12-09: We have updated today with another massive amount of new offers. There is only a few days left until our first code giveaway so make sure to tell all your friends – grab all the details here."


    Here is the information found on this page:

    "Summer Prize GiveAway

    We are proud to announce our Huge Summer Prize Giveaway! Here is how it will work. On certain days between June 15th, 2009 to August 13th, 2009 – We will be posting prepaid codes for all your favorite games and consoles. It can be anything from Xbox points codes to Nexon Prepaid Codes, you will just have to be online and see what is given away that day! Thanks for being a loyal member!!

    To give everyone a fair chance, We will be posting the name of the game/console and the corresponding game code. However we will omit the last digit of the code. The last digit could be a letter or a number – it is up to you to figure out the last digit and be the first one to redeem the game code at the game providers website!

    1. The first game codes will be posted on June 15th 7PM Pacific Standard Time. Codes will be posted on this page – Mark your calendars!"


    Good luck! I hope you win something great! Be sure to come here and brag comment about it if you do! I’d love to hear it.