Wrapping up May with some proof

It’s the end of May and I felt that it would be a good time to drop an update with some proof of payment from a few fantastic websites.

First up, Tapporo:


(Click any of the proof images to enlarge them!)

Tapporo is a great site where you can get paid to complete offers, try new apps/games, watch videos, and invite your friends to join in on iOS and Android devices. You can see my other posts about it by clicking here. You can read more on their website here.

If you decide to sign up and try it, make sure you use the invite code TAPJB1597 and we’ll both get a bonus. Tapporo pays out by PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and many other options.

Next up we have PaidViewpoint, which is a fantastic survey site. The surveys aren’t 2 hours long and boring. They’re pretty quick, easy, and fun. You get paid for each survey. This site pays out by PayPal.


(Click any of the proof images to enlarge them!)

You can see other PaidViewpoint posts I’ve made by clicking here. You can sign up to try PaidViewpoint yourself by clicking here as well.


Edit August 5, 2016: Zoombucks has been replaced by Grabpoints. Check out my post about it here!

One last mention for May is ZoomBucks. These guys are another great search & win, watch videos, GPT combo site.


(Click any of the proof images to enlarge them!)

Click here to see my past posts about ZoomBucks, and click here to join and try it yourself!

A New Android App

I’m going to go ahead and post about this one because of the company that owns it. I’ll follow up with payment proof specific to the app once I have it.

The app is Tapporo – It exists in the Google Play Store, it’s very user friendly, and best of all it is owned by GiftHulk! Here’s a direct link to the Tapporo website.

GiftHulk is fantastic on its own. Having an Android app (iOS users: keep your eye out for an update later on!) made by them is great. They have been great to me as a user for their site, and their support is always very friendly and helpful.

To quote their welcome email: “Earn ORO coins for engaging with exciting brands (ORO coins = Tapporo currency).”

Right now, if you sign up using my invite code, you get 250 ORO coins ($0.25 in value). I don’t know if this will change in the future, but that’s correct at the time of this post.

The invite code I have is: TAPJB1597

If you sign up after reading about the app here, I do hope that you’ll use my code. It helps both of us.

Right now you can earn Amazon, PayPal, and many other rewards by watching videos, completing offers, etc.

Happy earning! There’s still some time for holiday shopping.

GiftHulk Proof – December 2012

I’m following up with another post after this and I wanted to have the most recent GiftHulk payment proof online for it, so here you go:

(Click here to see my other posts about GiftHulk.)


GiftHulk emails you to let you know it’s ready for use, and then they post the code on your profile. It’s convenient!

I cropped out the code to keep it simple. It’s used and gone anyway. (MIIIIIINE)

Click here to sign up for GiftHulk and earn your own gift cards and rewards too!

GiftHulk - Rewards The EZ Way


On another note, if you’re already a member of GiftHulk and you’ve played the treasure chest, you may have seen the Fountain of Youth codes they give out occasionally for X number of people to use. I’ve got several that I haven’t shared yet and only I have used them for one out of however many uses. If you want some extra points (free and legitimate, they encourage sharing on Facebook/Twitter right on the page!) then drop a comment and let me know.

GiftHulk to the Rescue

GiftHulk wanted to address the sudden “Superpoints” shutdown.

Superpoints was apparently another competitor that is (suddenly) no longer around, and a lot of people were “hurt” (for lack of a better word at the moment) by this. Some people never received money that they earned, or cashed out “too late”.

GiftHulk would like to give you 30 extra points (called Hulk Coins) to get started and try them out. I’m a very happy member with them, and definitely recommend their site!

Click here to join, and then you’ll get a cool bonus: Through November 16th, if you sign up you will get ADDITIONAL 30 HULK COINS (in addition to the sign-up bonus of 50 Hulk Coins) by entering “gifthulktotherescue” (no quotes) at the Fountain of Youth immediately after signing up.

This is pretty cool, because the points ratio is very reasonable. For example, an Amazon Gift Card only costs 439 Hulk Coins.

Whether you had issues with Superpoints or you’re just looking to make some extra money online, make sure you check out GiftHulk. You may have just found a new place to make money online.

GiftHulk - Rewards The EZ Way

GiftHulk Payment June 2012

It’s coming up on the end of the month, and I remembered that I ordered an Amazon card from GiftHulk.

GiftHulk is still paying out as of June 2012. This time they put the code for Amazon in my account’s order history instead of emailing me, but I’m glad that I received it.

I opted in for an Amazon card, but they also have PayPal, as well as a lot of other great gift card options.

Click the thumbnail to see the full image. I intentionally left out the code number, but nice try. ;)

Click here to sign up, or click the banner below. It’s a great site with tons of great features (Search & Win, daily treasure box, offer walls, and more). You can use the code “freeskrilla” when you sign up through my link to get 20 free hulk coins. Once you’ve joined, go to the “Fountain of Youth” to put the code in.

GiftHulk - Rewards The EZ Way

GiftHulk Relaunch Review

EDIT 4/12/2012: The site has been fixed and everything is working as normal/described. Be sure to read the full article for a list of new features and great updates.

GiftHulk - Rewards The EZ Way

GiftHulk is online and running, but the transition to the new site has not been smooth by any means.

(You can see a few updates I made here.)

First, it kept getting delayed for reasons unknown to the users.

Then, once it was online a few days later, it had to be taken down due to errors and glitches across the site.

When the site was brought back again, it was taken down due to server related issues (high traffic?).

During the previous two periods while the new site was online, it was discovered that the price of items in the store had been increased to a much higher rate, but existing users with existing Hulk Coins had the same amount they did before. So the currency value was different, but existing users were pretty angry.

After some more time, it is now back online and running, but many of the issues remain. The Hulk Coin issue is resolved and existing users should now have a modified amount of Hulk Coins, which would vary depending on how many they had in the first place.

Some basic issues remain, like the inability to answer the daily poll, the inability to submit support tickets, and a new feature called the “Treasure Box” will not work. I’ve been told that these specific issues only apply to some users, and others are able to use them as normal. I do not know if this is browser specific, or what is causing it, but I have reported the issues I’m seeing to GiftHulk, and they are saying it will be resolved within a week.

One thing I will point out with all of the issues they’ve had: Their customer support has been great.

The issues with the site are unfortunate, but there are many great new features on the site.

A few of the new features include:

– Search and Win (multiple prizes, including Gift Cards)
– Treasure Box
–  and more!

You can read more about the new features and design here on their site.

Current issues aside, the new site is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. New users and existing users should be able to navigate the site without any issues, and there is plenty of eye candy to see. I can’t forget the new mascot! You can see it at the top and bottom of this post, and it looks better than the old one.

I will continue to use the site, and I hope that you’ll join me. Click here to sign up!

GiftHulk - Rewards The EZ Way