Swagbucks – Still Paying in April 2015!

Here’s a screenshot from my inbox showing that Swagbucks is still paying out as of April 2015!


With Swagbucks you can search and win, watch videos, shop, complete offers, and more. They even offer a mobile app now.

Click here to check it out for yourself! I chose Amazon as my reward but there are a lot of other options available too.

GiftHulk – Payment Proof

Is GiftHulk a scam?

The answer to this question is “no”. GiftHulk is legitimate and, in my opinion, a very well done website.

There are a lot of GPT sites out there that may be legit, but they look like they just came from Geocities circa 1996. GiftHulk looks professional and is appealing to the eyes, which is a big bonus for me.

The screenshot of my payment is below, but I wanted to point out that if you are not yet a GiftHulk member and you choose to sign up today using my referral link (click here), you can use the code “freeskrilla” (no quotes) to get 10 free Hulk Coins to get you started towards your own PayPal, Amazon, or another payment of your choice.

How do you use the code? Once you sign up through this link go to the “Fountain of Youth” and insert the code to get your free coins.

(This exclusive bonus code was provided by GiftHulk to be used through this website.)

Okay, I’ll shut up. Proof time:

GiftHulk Earning Rewards The EZ Way