SimpleGPT update

In July an update was pushed out regarding SimpleGPT. The update was put out via Points4Rewards, which was previously the ‘sister site’ to SimpleGPT.

Many of you know that I also own the site SimpleGPT. Unfortunately that site is no longer accessible. There was a server crash about a week ago, and everything was lost. I am told it is not recoverable. I have no access to the site, no access to my admin panel, no access to member’s information, etc. At this time, it is unlikely that I will start SimpleGPT over from scratch. I owned and ran that site for 6 years. This is not how I pictured it coming to an end. I am very sad and devastated over this. SimpleGPT is currently being redirected to this site. If you try to go to, it will take you to Points4Rewards instead. The 2 sites are very similar. Other than the design and layout, they are nearly identical.

This message will be stickied, and every new member who joins should have this message in their inbox (until I decide to take it down). If anyone asks what happened to SimpleGPT, you can direct them to this inbox message.

Here is what I was told from shiftcode regarding the server crash:

“Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control and the control of our previous tracking provider (PerformaNetwork / Shiftcode) our server drive failed due to a bad installation on their end and lost all data. The server company is currently working on trying to recover any lost data that they can find, however it is unlikely we will be able to recover anything at this point.”

That sucks, but it is what it is. So… check out Points4Rewards!

Points4Rewards Update

New update on Points4Rewards! You can now earn PayPal as well as Amazon cards. What’s that smell? It’s the smell of CASH. Fill your wallet today!

Minimum payout has also been lowered to $5 for both PayPal and Amazon.

Points4Rewards – Scam or Legit?

Points4Rewards is a GPT site where you can complete surveys, trials, offers, etc. to get points (100 points = $1). Exchange your points for Amazon gift cards (minimum card amount = $10) and get your gift card within 7 – 10 days of ordering it. The admin even pays out early sometimes, which is great! To this day he has never paid late.

I was one of the first members of this site and it’s been great. Active admin, great forum with great posts, plenty of opportunity to snag some Amazon cards. What’s so great about Amazon cards? Many items are free shipping at $25+ and what can’t you get on Amazon? Within the law, at least. =P

Did you know you can stack Amazon gift cards? Add as many gift cards as you need to your order! Or combine a gift card with a credit card for a great deal.

Points4Rewards pays! Click here for proof!

Scam or Legit? Legit. For sure!

Is Points4Rewards a Scam?

Points4Rewards is a GPT site for people in the USA ages 18 and up.

Earn points doing offers, surveys, trials, signing up for newsletters, etc. and trade those points (1 point = $1) in for Amazon gift cards ($10 minimum). You’ll receive your gift card(s) 7 – 10 days after redeeming.


Is Points4Rewards a scam? No. Want proof? I wouldn’t make a post like this without it: click here for proof.


Points4Rewards – Click here to join!