Oh, it’s 2015


So it’s 2015 and there are a lot of older posts on the site leading you to some sites that might suck, or don’t even exist anymore.

I can tell you straight up which sites still actively pay me in 2015:

PaidViewpoint – Easy Surveys, very great site.

ZoomBucks – Videos, Searches, Surveys, Offers, etc. Edit August 5, 2016: Zoombucks has been replaced by Grabpoints. Check out my post about it here!

CashCrate – This one has been around for ages. I think if you’re looking for surveys and offers, these are the best ones to be on. Long standing with a very good history.

PrizeRebel – These guys are another long standing one, specifically aimed at gamers. If you’re into gaming and related stuff, these might be the best ones for you.

InstantCashSweepstakes – If you’re looking to do some fun surveys and win cash, this might be more your style. It’s aimed more at being fun.

eBates – You get paid to shop, basically. X amount of money per purchase. It’s pretty cool, and you don’t have to jump through any hoops. Shop on sites like Amazon or buy.com, etc.

Tapporo – Watch videos on your phone, and a few other cool ways to earn money. They do PayPal, Amazon, etc. It’s neat. Use my code TAPJB1597 to start out with an extra 250 points.

See you in 2016, or whenever I end up posting again.

PrizeRebel – April 24 Proof

I like shopping on Amazon so I focus on Amazon gift cards when I can lately.

PrizeRebel helps me with that.


(Click the image to see the full size.)

Of course, Amazon cards aren’t the only option. Physical prizes, PayPal, gift cards to other companies, etc. are all available for you too. PrizeRebel has been around for years, and I’ve never had an issue with them.

They’re a long-standing GPT site where you can do offers, surveys, and tasks to earn points in exchange for prizes. There are also cash earning opportunities.

Per their TOS they allow users from the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada or Australia.

If you’re not a member, click here to sign up and try it out for yourself. It’s pretty straightforward.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

PrizeRebel 2013 Proof

It’s 2013 and PrizeRebel is still going strong.

Or at least they paid $5 (instant delivery!), however you want to measure that.

(Click to view full size)

PrizeRebel is a GPT site aimed at users 13+ with parental permission (or 18+ ’cause you’re an adult) in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada or Australia.

Prizes include (but are not limited to) Amazon gift cards, PayPal and eBay gift cards, video games, video game accessories, and so much more.

If you’re not already a member, click here to sign up and try it for yourself.

PrizeRebel Update 2012

Today I hopped onto PrizeRebel to find a new layout, and several other interesting changes.

The new layout caught my eye at first, but there’s quite a lot going on. All good so far. Check it out for yourself.

They posted a full listing of the updates here on the forums.

Not yet a member? Click here to sign up and check it out for yourself.

You can see other posts about PrizeRebel (including proof of payment) here.

PrizeRebel Payment Proof – July 2012

I’ve been meaning to update with this information. I received my first payment from PrizeRebel in a while the other day.

More like, I bothered to earn some points the other day. Hah.

Anyway, PrizeRebel is one of those sites that have been around for ages with a large user base. It has been marketing to gamers for a long time, offering game-based prizes and advertisements, but still open for anybody to use (and international, with some restrictions). It’s pretty great and reliable, with a very easy to navigate design.

I ordered an eBay gift certificate and received it instantly.

They also offer Amazon and tons of other great prizes in exchange for your points.

International Sites

When I think of “International” in regards to GPT sites, the first two sites that come to mind are:


CashCrate pays via Check, and also has prizes such as Amazon gift cards, and more.


PrizeRebel pays via Amazon gift card, PayPal, and more.


Not every site allows for international signups, and there may be less offers than there are for US signups, but there are definitely ways to make money on international sites. Once you’ve completed all of the offers available to you, referring other members is a great way to earn money. Both of these sites have a great referral system as well as great payout options. They’ve both been around for a long time and have good/known reputations online. Go ahead and check them out! Click the links/banners above to see for yourself.