GiftHulk Relaunch Review

EDIT 4/12/2012: The site has been fixed and everything is working as normal/described. Be sure to read the full article for a list of new features and great updates.

GiftHulk - Rewards The EZ Way

GiftHulk is online and running, but the transition to the new site has not been smooth by any means.

(You can see a few updates I made here.)

First, it kept getting delayed for reasons unknown to the users.

Then, once it was online a few days later, it had to be taken down due to errors and glitches across the site.

When the site was brought back again, it was taken down due to server related issues (high traffic?).

During the previous two periods while the new site was online, it was discovered that the price of items in the store had been increased to a much higher rate, but existing users with existing Hulk Coins had the same amount they did before. So the currency value was different, but existing users were pretty angry.

After some more time, it is now back online and running, but many of the issues remain. The Hulk Coin issue is resolved and existing users should now have a modified amount of Hulk Coins, which would vary depending on how many they had in the first place.

Some basic issues remain, like the inability to answer the daily poll, the inability to submit support tickets, and a new feature called the “Treasure Box” will not work. I’ve been told that these specific issues only apply to some users, and others are able to use them as normal. I do not know if this is browser specific, or what is causing it, but I have reported the issues I’m seeing to GiftHulk, and they are saying it will be resolved within a week.

One thing I will point out with all of the issues they’ve had: Their customer support has been great.

The issues with the site are unfortunate, but there are many great new features on the site.

A few of the new features include:

– Search and Win (multiple prizes, including Gift Cards)
– Treasure Box
–  and more!

You can read more about the new features and design here on their site.

Current issues aside, the new site is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. New users and existing users should be able to navigate the site without any issues, and there is plenty of eye candy to see. I can’t forget the new mascot! You can see it at the top and bottom of this post, and it looks better than the old one.

I will continue to use the site, and I hope that you’ll join me. Click here to sign up!

GiftHulk - Rewards The EZ Way

GiftHulk Relaunch

GiftHulk is down for maintenance until tomorrow while they prepare to relaunch with a new design.

Straight from their site: “The New GiftHulk Launch : 4/4/2012

Updated on 4/4/2012:

GiftHulk updated to let us know that their website won’t be relaunched until Thursday, April 5th.

Updated on 4/5/2012:

GiftHulk came back and the new site looks good. However, with any major update/upgrade there will always be overlooked errors/glitches. They were forced to take the site offline until 4/6/2012. We’ll see what happens next.

Updated on 4/6/2012:

The site now just shows a message: “The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.” — According to their Facebook page this is due to a high server load issue.

It has been pointed out that they have changed the value of Hulk Coins, and have yet to make it up to existing users. More on this once the site is active. Hopefully by then it’ll be resolved.

I’ll just make a new post when things are sorted out.

Updated on 4/8/2012:

GiftHulk Relaunch Review – Read the post here!

PrizeRebel – New Design 2011 – Part 2

Following up on my post from the other day, I received this newsletter from PrizeRebel today:

“Hi Everyone,

You may have noticed quite a bit of changes recently, and hope you are as excited about them as all of us here at!

But just in case you haven’t, or have been living under a rock (!), just to name a few of these changes:

– A new design to provide you with a better user experience.

Facebook Connect – Now you and your referrals can login and signup through facebook login and you can share your PR activities with your friends.

– You will now earn 2nd tier referral points.

Cash option for referral earnings and contest winnings. You can cash out via paypal when you have earned $10 Cash Balance

– We now offer a Amazon Prizes catalog straight from Amazon! That means tens of 1000’s of items to choose from.

    To see a full list of all of the awesome changes visit the following thread:,18695.0.html


    July’s Monthly Jackpot has already started with a bang! And we already have 3 raffles up and running! HINT: the more offers you get credited for the more raffles tickets you get to enter into the raffles and jackpot, which mean more chances to win!

    And of course! July Offers and Referral contests have begun! So start completing those offers and gaining those referrals!

    And if that wasn’t enough, we will continue to improve and add new features! So stay tuned and ENJOY!!

    Your Friends at


    Time for you to head over and check it out!

    PrizeRebel – New Design 2011

    PrizeRebel looks better than ever.

    Per PrizeRebel‘s news post:

    “As you may have noticed, we have launched the new and improved version of PR! Please excuse any errors you may be encountering as we continue to fix them. We will be continuing to add more features and improve your experience!”

    It looks like they’re working out a few kinks with it, and they have some new stuff starting up. It looks great, and it’s partially based off of their last redesign.

    Check out the site, especially if you’re not a member. FREE STUFF.

    7/2/2011 UPDATE: SEE PART TWO