InstaGC Payment Proof | Sept 25, 2015

I posted about InstaGC a while back, but I realized that I never got around to posting payment proof!


(click the image for the full size)

Click here to check out InstaGC and see if it’s right for you! You can sign up and earn gift cards. They pay instantly and using a wide range of gift cards, including (but not limited to)!

Swagbucks – Still Paying in April 2015!

Here’s a screenshot from my inbox showing that Swagbucks is still paying out as of April 2015!


With Swagbucks you can search and win, watch videos, shop, complete offers, and more. They even offer a mobile app now.

Click here to check it out for yourself! I chose Amazon as my reward but there are a lot of other options available too.

InstaGC – Get instant giftcards

InstaGC came highly recommended to me, so I decided to check it out.

Earn Amazon gift cards for free (instantly).

Of course there are other options like Facebook Credits, Minecraft premium, and plenty of others to choose from.

Earn money by searching, watching videos, and the usual GPT/Offer Wall type setup.

It looks to be pretty well established so be sure to check it out!

Tapporo – PayPal Proof

Yay for Tapporo – I’ve been paid twice now, once with an Amazon card, and now with PayPal.

I redeemed $5 yesterday and received my PayPal payment within 24 hours.

With Tapporo you can earn money using your Android (and coming soon: Apple) phone or tablet. Watch videos, complete tasks like trying new apps and games, or filling out surveys, as well as many other tasks. It’s a fantastic app and with GiftHulk behind it, it’s trustworthy.

Here is a link to the official Tapporo website for more information.

If you decide to sign up and try it, make sure you use the invite code TAPJB1597 and we’ll both get a bonus.


Tapporo – Payment proof!

I said I would follow up, so here it is.

Paid by Tapporo on January 18, 2013:

(Click to see full-sized image)

Click here to read more about Tapporo. Currently available on Android, and coming soon to iOS.

If you sign up, it helps us both (we both get a bonus) if you use my invite code: TAPJB1597

They offer PayPal, Amazon (as seen here), and many other redemption options. My Amazon redemption was nearly instant (within a few minutes) and I had no issues redeeming it.

A New Android App

I’m going to go ahead and post about this one because of the company that owns it. I’ll follow up with payment proof specific to the app once I have it.

The app is Tapporo – It exists in the Google Play Store, it’s very user friendly, and best of all it is owned by GiftHulk! Here’s a direct link to the Tapporo website.

GiftHulk is fantastic on its own. Having an Android app (iOS users: keep your eye out for an update later on!) made by them is great. They have been great to me as a user for their site, and their support is always very friendly and helpful.

To quote their welcome email: “Earn ORO coins for engaging with exciting brands (ORO coins = Tapporo currency).”

Right now, if you sign up using my invite code, you get 250 ORO coins ($0.25 in value). I don’t know if this will change in the future, but that’s correct at the time of this post.

The invite code I have is: TAPJB1597

If you sign up after reading about the app here, I do hope that you’ll use my code. It helps both of us.

Right now you can earn Amazon, PayPal, and many other rewards by watching videos, completing offers, etc.

Happy earning! There’s still some time for holiday shopping.