Wave Goodbye to Instant Cash Sweepstakes (ICS)

Recently it was announced that Instant Cash Sweepstakes, the original site created by Umongous before they came out with the sister site PaidViewPoint, has been shut down.

They’re putting more focus into PaidViewPoint now. While ICS was pretty fun, especially at first, PaidViewPoint is definitely a better survey site overall so I’m personally glad to see more focus being put into it.

PaidViewPoint makes surveys easy and basic to go through, and you get paid quickly. It’s so much better than other survey sites… and even good on mobile browsers.

Check it out and sign up here if you’re not already a member!

They pay out in PayPal as well as Amazon gift cards.

Exciting PaidViewPoint Payment Update

I was surprised to discover today that PaidViewPoint has updated their payment methods.

You could always cash out at $15 via PayPal, but now they’ve added Amazon and Wal-Mart gift cards as options as well. I have payment proof for this as well, having tried the Amazon method. I received payment nearly instantly in this case which was fantastic.


Click the image to view the full size.

Click here to sign up for PaidViewPoint.

PaidViewPoint pays you for short, fun surveys without those annoying 45 minute pre-screeners, where those other guys just drop you off with a “Sorry, maybe next time!” message. I’ve been with PVP for years and they’re fantastic.

Click here to find out for yourself!

If needed, my personal invite code is “kubska” (no quotation marks).

Oh, it’s 2015


So it’s 2015 and there are a lot of older posts on the site leading you to some sites that might suck, or don’t even exist anymore.

I can tell you straight up which sites still actively pay me in 2015:

PaidViewpoint – Easy Surveys, very great site.

ZoomBucks – Videos, Searches, Surveys, Offers, etc. Edit August 5, 2016: Zoombucks has been replaced by Grabpoints. Check out my post about it here!

CashCrate – This one has been around for ages. I think if you’re looking for surveys and offers, these are the best ones to be on. Long standing with a very good history.

PrizeRebel – These guys are another long standing one, specifically aimed at gamers. If you’re into gaming and related stuff, these might be the best ones for you.

InstantCashSweepstakes – If you’re looking to do some fun surveys and win cash, this might be more your style. It’s aimed more at being fun.

eBates – You get paid to shop, basically. X amount of money per purchase. It’s pretty cool, and you don’t have to jump through any hoops. Shop on sites like Amazon or buy.com, etc.

Tapporo – Watch videos on your phone, and a few other cool ways to earn money. They do PayPal, Amazon, etc. It’s neat. Use my code TAPJB1597 to start out with an extra 250 points.

See you in 2016, or whenever I end up posting again.

PaidViewpoint Strikes Again

I really enjoy using PaidViewpoint. Click here for another post with more information about them.

Here’s a screenshot of my most recent payout:

(click image for full size)

Easy surveys, great support team, and just an all around easy site to use. Click here to sign up and see for yourself.

ICS Payment June 2012

I just thought I’d take a minute to show you that ICS (Instant Cash Sweepstakes) is still paying out (via PayPal) as of June 2012:

Easy surveys and you can easily earn more than I did. I’ve been lazy…

You can sign up here if you haven’t already.

ICS – TS Level 8

I finally hit TrustScore level 8 on Instant Cash Sweepstakes. This means I’ll be getting:

65 extra bonus lottery tickets and 9 extra bonus coins per survey answered, 6 extra surveys per session and yep, even and better surprise multiplier events.

ICS is a survey site with multiple opportunities to win cash via PayPal. No, not those boring hour-long (or FOREVER) surveys that never seem to end, and then 45 minutes into the survey they decide that you are “no longer qualified”. These are short, and usually fun surveys where you can win random amounts of cash for completing the surveys.

You can also enter the coins you win into the $2 drawing (every 4 hours), and there is a $50 daily drawing that you can win. You are automatically entered for the daily drawing, while you have to manually enter the coin drawing.

I’ve been paid multiple times (you can see proof here and here), and you can too.

Click here to sign up and see for yourself.

Alternatively, if winning money isn’t your style and you’d rather earn cash for each survey, click here to sign up for PaidViewpoint. It is owned by the same company as ICS, but you get paid for every survey.